Q: How should I choose a security company?

A: Start by contacting a reputable dealer who will explain the best choices for your home and family. Be sure to find out about:

1. The Dealer

2. The Equipment

3. The Monitoring Company


Q: What happens if I set off the Security System?

A: Immediately your system sends our monitoring station a signal. Based on your specific instructions, our Central Station starts their Response Procedure.


Q: How much does a Security System cost?

A: The cost of a system is usually determined by the number of doors and windows that will be secured, and the amount of additional equipment that will be needed,(i.e. Motion Sensors, Glass Breaks, Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Sensors …ect.).


Q: How do I get a free Security System?

A: BE CAREFUL! Many companies offer a free system. Watch for an installation fee, and realize the big companies make their money thru higher monitoring fees, and Long Term Contracts.


Q: Do you offer smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide protection?

A: ABSOLUTELY. ADF offers all different types of smoke, heat, freeze, water, carbon monoxide, as well as a variety of other kinds of sensors customized to fit your needs.


Q: How much will my monitoring fees go up if I have a smoke sensor installed with my security system?

A: ADF monitors any number and any kind of sensor for the same *$19.95 a month, and guarantees that the monitoring fees will never go up for the life of your ADF monitoring.


Q: Does ADF install Wireless Security Systems?

A: Yes. ADF prefers to “Hardwire” if possible, if not, then ADF offers any combination of Wireless, Hardwire and Hybrid Security Systems to fit your individual needs.


Q: Can I save money on my home owners insurance by having an ADF Monitored Security System?

A: Yes, Most insurance companies offer a 10-20% discount for having a monitored security system. Some companies even require it for certain homes.


Q: Are there different levels of Security?

A: Yes, There are two basic levels of Security. The highest level is designed to protect you when you are home. The lesser level is designed to protect the home when it is unoccupied.


*Monitoring charge over phone line or IP dialer. Cell transmission as low as $24.95/mo.