ADF Protection & Training Center offers the training and certification required to work as a professional in the security industry as an officer. Everything from the California State Guard Card professional course to the ASP-Baton training and certification, OC Pepper spray, Taser Certification & First Aid, CPR, BLS training Certification.


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California State Guard Card License

8 Hour Guard Card

  • Power to Arrest
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction

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ASP- Baton Training & Certification

You’ll be required to have the following to lawfully carry an ASP-Baton on duty:

  • A valid state ID
  • A valid California Guard Card or a copy of your guard card application.
  • A valid ASP-Baton Certification

As a licensed ASP-Baton training Instructor (AIC 50050), ADF Protection Training Center can help you get the training you need to carry an ASP-Baton.


OC Pepper Spray & Mace Certification

This professional course will cover the legal use of pepper spray and mace. You’ll learn the  effective techniques, and responsibilities of a security officer that you must know to carrying and using OC Pepper spray.

ADF Course include(s):

  • Understanding when to legally to dispense pepper spray
  • Non-lethal techniques that have effective results
  • The liability issues to consider
  • Deploying Pro-Active considerations
  • Required documentation for preparation
  • Tactical Techniques
  • Handling high stressed and aggressive situations
  • Chemical deployment
  • Render first aid
  • Proper carrying and storage of your canister and less lethal


BLS Training

ADF provides State approved BLS certification that includes: First Aid, CPR and AED.


Taser Training & Certification

ADF Protection & Training Center has put together a training program specifically designed for security officers and civilian Taser Certification.  Topics covered include an overview of the Taser electronic devices, the use of force, knowing the legal and policy issues for carrying and using a taser. How to render medical attention. We shall provide the information and risk alleviation for use of force.